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We offer a complete range of cleaning services to government, residential apartments, schools, places of worship, and many more.

Our services include; high-quality residential and commercial carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pet stains & odor control, tile and grout, trash removal, power washing, and area rugs.
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We use eco-friendly solutions safe for families, pets, & guests


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Looking for quality carpet cleaning that won't break the bank? See how easy it is with Simba Cleaning Services.

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Simba Carpet cleaning was excellent! The service was delivered with high-quality and punctuality.

Christopher was there on time, and he finished the work at the estimated time as well. He is also very honest, upright, and friendly. If you are looking for a fair price, excellent service gives him a call.
Residential Cleaning Customer

How We Work


Conduct and share our analysis of your property with attention put on areas of concern


General Clean
Next begins our general area cleaning by removing loose debris, dirt, and objects


Deep Cleanse
Our eco-friendly solutions get to work on your floors ensuring the deepest clean possible


Final Pass
Finally, your floors are left clean with superior water extraction for a speedy drying time
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Hire us for as-needed or routine cleaning & sanitizing

Simba Carpet provides you with superior services at very affordable rates; satisfaction guaranteed. The use of eco-friendly cleaning solutions, dedication to you, and attention to detail are what drives us.

We specialize in deep carpet cleaning, which leaves your carpet with a better look as if it were new again. Our cleaning philosophy is to go beyond the appearance of cleaning itself but to own the cleaning process to give you the best experience ever.

Why We Care

According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), children are often more likely to be at risk from environmental hazards than adults because of unique activity patterns and behavior.

Children crawl and play close to the ground, making them more likely to contact dirt and dust, including toxic elements that can cause diseases, infections, and unforeseen reactions.

We pride ourselves on using green cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly, safe for your kids and pets because that's how we treat our own family.

Learn About Our Family

Understanding Your Needs

Did you know that your carpet can act like a filter trapping pollutant, dirt, and residue? Over time your carpet will start to discolor, and it may become uncomfortable and unhealthy for your family. Some debris and soil can be so hidden that regular vacuum cleaners cannot remove them from your carpet.

We use the most advanced machines that combine heat, hot-water extraction with steam cleaning methodologies to shorten the drying time to less than three hours. You won’t be left with a soaked carpet when we leave. You will love our services.

Advantages of Our Cleaning Process

Can’t see your question answered? Drop us a message and we’ll answer it promptly.

Local, minority-owned small business

Simba Carpet Cleaning Services is licensed and insured in the Commonwealth of Virginia and based out of Fredericksburg, VA.

100% organic carpet cleaning Solutions

The health of your family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else who may walk on your floors is paramount to Simba Cleaning Services. We pride ourselves in using green cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly, safe for your kids and pets.

We use trained employees only

At Simba Cleaning Services, we only use highly-trained technicians, who are professionally screened, and never subcontracted. This ensures you will engage with people we know, trust, and have personally certified.

deep cleaning that renews your floors

Our professional cleaning process extracts hidden debris, soils, and particles from deep within your carpet to make it look soft and clean. Cleaner carpets create a healthier home environment for you and your family and help to extend the life of your carpet.

Superior hot water extraction

Our exclusive hot water extraction/steam cleaning uses a superior state of the art rotary extraction system combined with pressure steam that extracts the toughest kinds of dirt, removes stains, and eliminates pet odors.

complimentary walk-thru with customized solutions

Initially we perform a thorough inspection of your carpet and mark every spot and stain and fully explain to you what to expect before we begin the cleaning process.

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